Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nick Lachey Talks Going From Sexy and Shirtless to Singing Lullabies to Baby Camden

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Nick Lachey, The Sing Off

It may be hard to believe, but Nick Lachey turned—gulp!—40 last month.
Fortunately, he isn't complaining. "I'm so immature and still feel so young," Lachey told me earlier today when he stopped by my office to promote the new season of The Sing-Off, the a cappella competition show he hosts. "Forty doesn't feel any different than 30 did."
Well, maybe a little.
Lachey said his reunion tour with 98 Degrees this summer wasn't it like it used to be during the boy band's heyday. "I don't know if it's the bus [but] back when you were 20-something riding the bus, you could sleep anywhere, do anything, wake up and feel fine," he said. "This summer, the grind of 40 something shows definitely took its toll on my body."
Nick Lachey, Camden
Also when Lachey was in his twenties, he wasn't recording lullabies like he is now for his 15-month-old son Camden with wife Vanessa Minnillo.
"You come out and you're in your boy band, you're going to sing for the girls, you're this sexy thing, you're taking your shirts off and you're in Teen Beat and all this crazy stuff is going on," Lachey said. "Fast forward and you're singing lullabies and 'When You Wish Upon a Star' and it's somehow cool."
"Honestly, I've never felt more at peace with where I am in life in terms of having a family," Lachey said. "So many things are going on in such a positive way that it almost feels like life is just kind of starting now."