Sunday, September 8, 2013

98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons Creates New Male Revue In Las Vegas


Clearly Jeff Timmons enjoyed his stint with the Chippendales. The 98 Degrees singer in partnership with Glenn Douglas Packard are creating a new male revue show in Las Vegas called The Men of The Strip. The two met when Timmons was brought on board to host and sing at the Chippendales show at The Rio. They promise their multi-faceted show will take on a more youthful approach and take sexy to a whole new level which will include singing, dancing and even Cirque du Soleil acrobatic elements.

“I proposed all sorts of ideas to update their brand, and suggested ways to mainstream it via calendars in all the retail outlets and extra media exposure,” he says. “But the producers didn’t feel the need for such growth. They were happy with their successful residency in Vegas. That’s when Glenn, Mike and I decided to join forces and launch a new male revue our way.” – Jeff Timmons to Broadway World.
The full stage show is still being developed but that isn’t stopping the boys from promoting it. They’ve begun marketing a sexy 16-month 2014 calendar with a bonus centerfold poster which is available on their website.
Speaking of their website, each of the studs are featured with a brief bio, questionnaire and plenty of pics including baby ones. Awwww, how cute. Each stud is also armed with a nickname. In Jeff’s case it’s Super Freak. I bet ;) Check out the rest of the crew below and be sure to cast your vote on who the hottest is afterward