Monday, September 21, 2009

Reunited Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo’s weekend at the Palazzo


By Robin Leach

Vilma Valderrama and Nick Lachey at LAX in the Luxor.

Photo: Scott Harrison/Retna/

Ever since the gorgeous and stunning Vanessa Minnillo showed me a large diamond ring on her left hand, both of us have been vilified for mocking her romance with Nick Lachey. The tabloids had a field day, saying it caused the two of them to break up or at least cope with a very rocky bump in Lover’s Lane! (Click HERE for that fashion weekend in June at the Palazzo.)

Well I’m thrilled to reveal that the two of them were right back at the Palazzo this past weekend for what can only be described as a honeymoon-styled mini-Vegas vacation. They were joined at the hip handholding, waist-clutching, kissing and cuddling!

The recently reunited romance is very much on! And in full blast! They only left the Palazzo a couple of times: once to support their friend actor Wilmer Valderrama when he hosted at LAX in the Luxor. Our contributing photographer Scott Harrison got the posed shot of the guys, but Vanessa wanted to stay under the radar in the DJ booth and out of camera range.

Leach Blog Photo

Kris Jenner, Vanessa Minnillo and Khloe Kardashian at Dos Caminos.

The other was a private dinner a deux at N9NE Steakhouse in the Palms. They both sipped wine and shared the wedge salad for an appetizer. Nick enjoyed the 24-ounce bone-in filet with a side of Brussels sprouts, and Vanessa feasted on the dry-rubbed baby back ribs with mac and cheese.

A spywitness there told me last night: “They are hopelessly in love. You can tell by the way they both stare at each other. Maybe they broke up the first time because they weren’t sure, but this time around, it’s very much for real, and maybe this was the trip that starts them seriously discussing marriage and the ring!”

Vanessa had arrived solo a day ahead of Nick to plan their romantic getaway, and while hanging out in the lounge at the new First Food & Bar had a great time making funny faces while posing in the restaurant’s photo booth. When Nick arrived, Vanessa took him to Dos Caminos, where she’d been solo the previous night. They spent several hours relaxing in the lounge over specialty Mexican Independence cocktails and Pacifico and enjoying asada tacos.


Heidi said...

Totally random, but I had the HOTTEST dream about Nick Lachey Saturday night. Whoa!!! I told my husband that I want to enter that "win a date with Nick Lachey contest". =)

Anonymous said...

They realized they are both has-beens and nobody else wanted them so they are back together! Vanessa looks like a desperate tranny and Nick's career is in the toilet (thanks to nasty Nessa')

Still Lovin 98 Degrees said...

Lmao...Usually i would reject a comment like this..Everyone is entitled to there opinion!! :)
But yours was just to funny to reject it!!