Friday, September 18, 2009

Nick on Rachel Ray...

For now you can find 3 seperate Videos HERE on Rachel's Website. Hopefully the video will be available to upload soon!! Below is a lowdown of what the show was about!! Enjoy!!

Nick Lachey first broke into the spotlight as part of the hit boy band 98 Degrees, but he became a household name when he and his then-wife Jessica Simpson opened up their home on MTV's Newlyweds, a reality show that gave fans a front row seat to their married life. The couple eventually split in 2005, but recently tabloid rumors of a reconciliation began the moment Jessica and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo ended their romance. Nick tells Rachael, "In my head I said, 'Here it comes, I know it's coming!' I'd just split up with Vanessa, so the timing was just too perfect for them to resist. I knew I was going to get the calls."

"So, what is the relationship with Jessica," Rachael asks Nick candidly.

"There really isn't one," Nick says. "It's not like it's a negative thing or we despise each other. We're just simply not in each other's lives. It was the way it had to be for us."

Looking back at the Newlyweds experience, Nick expresses regret about opening up their lives for the world to see. "Marriage is tough for anybody," he says, "no matter who you are or what you do for a living. When you add in all the pressure and circumstances that come with doing a reality show in front of God and everyone ... I think it is a ridiculous amount of pressure."

He warns, "If you're thinking about doing a reality show, what in the world would make you step into that as a married couple?"

Despite the very public breakup of his marriage, Nick tells Rachael that he hasn't soured on the idea of walking down the aisle again - as long as it's with the right person. "I got married once," he says, "and I got married to someone who was very, very young. And not to take anything away from that experience, but I think it's important that you find someone who's grown up, so to speak, and who understands what they want, and the only way you can understand what you want in life is by living."

Nick's latest project is working with "It's a reverse auction website," he explains, "where you have the opportunity to bid on everything from iPods to handbags to luxury automobiles." Unlike other auction sites where the item goes to the highest bidder, Nick says that with the winner is the person who has the lowest unique bid. Check it out at