Friday, September 18, 2009

Nick Lachey Talks Reunions and Reality TV on The Rachael Ray Show


Posted on Sep 17, 2009 @ 02:02PM

Flythru Bag

Nick Lachey wants to get back together….with the guys from his former boy band group 98 Degrees.

In an appearance airing Friday on The Rachael Ray Show, Lachey admits he’d love to get back to the music.

“98 Degrees is one reunion that might actually happen at some point,” he said.

Lachey opens up to Rachael about his music, as well as the rumors claiming he and ex-wife Jessica Simpson are getting back together---something he says was just a case of perfect timing. (Both Simpson and Lachey broke up with their respective partners, Tony Romo and Vanessa Minnillo, around the same time).

When I read that they [Jessica and Tony] split up, in my head I said ‘here it comes’,” Lachey told Ray.

“I just split up with Vanessa. The timing was just too perfect to resist.”

While Jessica seemed to relish the limelight, Lachey kept mostly to himself following their divorce. When asked if he’d ever consider doing reality TV again, Lachey said, “I definitely would…you know I’m not gonna say I wouldn’t do reality TV again. But I wouldn’t do reality TV in my home with my marriage as the focus.”