Monday, June 29, 2009

Robin Leach "Did my Innocent Question About A Ring Cause N&V Split"?


Posted June 26, 2009 • 6:34 a.m.

Vanessa Minnillo.

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When MTV personality, actress and model Vanessa Minnillo turned up in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, I had to ask where was boyfriend Nick Lachey because she’d flown in solo. After a three-year romance, rumors about a breakup had begun circulating.

Vanessa shot them down when I asked gently: “There will always be rumors and rumblings, but we are still together.” She went on to explain that the only reason she was on her own was because Nick was attending a long-standing party planned for a friend’s 40th birthday.

However, just 48 hours ago, it was confirmed that the couple had called it quits. Her PR rep said: “They have split amicably but remain good friends who still greatly care for each other.” Now I’m being incorrectly blamed for sparking the split!

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Nick Lachey.

Let me make it clear that I innocently complimented her about the giant ring she was sporting on her left hand middle finger. The sparkler had been loaned to her for a fashion show appearance at the Palazzo by a jeweler at a recent convention here.

I reported that 28-year-old Vanessa laughed back at me: “This is 5 carats, but next time when it moves one finger over to my fourth, it will be 10 carats. However, I’m always the bridesmaid and never the bride.” Either she had an inkling that things weren’t going well enough to get married or maybe she hoped to prod along 35-year-old Nick. They met in 2006 during the video shoot for his hit “What’s Left of Me,” which is about his divorce from Jessica Simpson.

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Khloe Kardashian, Vanessa Minnillo and Colby O'Donis at Dos Caminos.

It turned out maybe to have been both because the ending came suddenly by mutual agreement this week, and now the gorgeous beauty is single yet again. No Mrs. Lachey for her in a wedding book. I hope Vanessa will find Mr. Right who will go for the big bauble -- and if not, I’d happily spring for it with her!