Monday, June 29, 2009

Craig's blunder with Mariella and Nick & Drew

Thanks 2 NICK&NESSAFAN at Nickfanatic for finding this

So we sit down in business class for the flight to Atlanta. Me (Craig), being super observant, notice Nick Lachey (mostly recognized from the band 98 degrees and his televised marriage to Jessica Simpson) and and his brother Drew sitting behind us. I do not really get star struck, but I have to admit I did think twice about the most appropriate way to say hello. So I thought it would be fun to have him take a picture with Mariella. I thought I would surprise Mariella by setting up a photo with Mr. Lachey. My wife loves surprises, right? So Mariella gets up to go the the bathroom and I go have chat with Nick. I introduced myself and he was very polite and introduced himself to me. I shot the breeze with him. I asked him about the trip he was taking and I told him about our global walkabout and some of our plans along the way. Then I was was rather forward about requesting a quick photo with Mariella. Out of respect I asked if we could take a quick photo as soon as we stepped off the plane. He kindly agreed. So I did not tell Mariella about the photo op. We end up landing in Atlanta and I grab my camera and tell Mariella as we are walking off the plane, I said, “wait here Nick said he would take a photo with you.” Mariella was not impressed with this idea and kept walking. I thought she would get a kick out of the surprise photo op. She was did not. Unfortunately or fortunately Nick and Drew stepped off the plane and were quickly escorted out the nearest exit away from the rest of the passengers. We did not get the photo! And sure enough there were some younger ladies from further back in the plane in a rush to track down Mr. Lachey. So Mariella and I continue to learn about each other. Mental note Craig, don’t set up surprise photos opps. with stars and not tell your wife about it.