Monday, April 20, 2009

Tonights the Night!!!!

Sorry guys this place needs some SERIOUS updates!!
I finally went back to work after being laid off all winter. So there going to be farther apart now but I promise if I get behind there will be alot all at once...
Plus i spent Saturday in one of my most fave places in the whole damn world to finally meet an Abercrombie Model & some online friends in realtime...It was alot of fun..
So I have been a little busy,..


Don't forget, Tonights the night that One Tree Hill fires up its last 5 epis of the season...That promises to be Damn Good & Nick Lachey is on at least 2 of the epis!! So its gonna be great!! Dont forget!!!!!


Heidi said...

I know... I think you and I are the two most stoked about him being on OTH tonight. I love me some OTH, but you add hot, sexy Nick to it and it's a great night... =)