Tuesday, November 4, 2008

That 98 Degrees Guy *Jeff Timmons*


An Intimate Evening with Jeff Timmons.

Who?! The first reaction of Sarah and I when we came across the poster at Sg Wang. His picture didn't trigger any memory in my mind either. Only after we saw the fine print below his name;
of 98 Degrees"

oh him! that founder guy of 98 Degrees! Somehow i only remember Nick Lachey being in the band and the rest were... a blur....

those you still don't know who 98 Degrees are, they were the guys who sang "I Do (cherish You)" and "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)"
One of the popular boy bands in 1997-2002.

It has always been a 'thing' for most boy/girl bands to have a member that really stands out compared to the rest huh.
Cuz they're cuter? A better singer? Married a bigger celebrity? Biggest hits for the paparazzi? Who knows

Back to Jeff Timmons, due to his lack of popularity with the Malaysian crowd (despite the words "of 98 Degrees"), I would say that the Jeff Timmons road show in Sg Wang was a disappointment, crowd wise. The crowd during his performance were little and many obviously didn't know who he was. I guess it's the PR's fault too, setting up that show on a Tuesday afternoon, after a lunch hour.

Well, at least some people were happy with the show.
Sarah, Julia and myself got treated like VIP's, seated on the front row,

.....Julia got a one-on-one performance from Jeff

......and Jeff wrote that he loved me!

Forget what i said about being blur and not knowing him!
*huge school girl crush alert!!*