Sunday, November 2, 2008

::Jeff T.' Road Tour 2008:: Part 1

When we heard the cancellation of road tour, all of us are so sad, and also tired because tons of preparation done. Then, when we heard the road tour is on again, all of us so excited and thought it will be awesome road tour. But it is a big challenge for us, because there is not only one or two problems, but more than that.

The first day, it is truly not our fault because the catering sponsors all of sudden can’t do it, then we have to handle ourselves, from the table arranging to the food caterings and the services included. I still remember what happened that day, clearly in my mind, where everyone from different department helping each other. Effa from Sport TV helped manager to get the caterings stuffs, me and Madonna went to help as their car too small, both ours also small car, and then Marea as coordinator stay at Head Quarter with others deejays waiting for us. When we back, we started to arrange the table with Constantine, Mary and Jaslynn, while Nigel and Navsta, they all help with the food. Then, all of us helped to put the cloth on the chair, chair cover? I think so… My friend who suppose to come for the dinner have to help me with the dinner, and she happy also.

Got interview then, I have to welcome Jeff Timmons from the entrance and bring them in to do the interview, after that bring up Jeff Timmons cause the fans is not arrive yet, to prevent awkward situation, I make the decision to bring up Jeff Timmons and burn minus-1 track to him for the performances. Bring down Jeff, and then start the whole dinner, end with perfect timing and they go back with a great smile, fans is happy everyone is happy.

We as the TRAXXfm crew have to clean up everything, and wait for tomorrow…Everyone is tired.