Monday, December 17, 2007

Preview: Nick Lachey Sings the Praises of Clash of the Choirs



Imagine Idol with more spirited harmonies and you've got Clash of the Choirs (tonight at 8 pm/ET, NBC), a four-night competition among amateur ensembles coached by Patti LaBelle, Michael Bolton, Blake Shelton, Kelly Rowland and Nick Lachey. We talked to Lachey about his troupe, and fame's highs and lows.

TV Guide: How did you pick your choir?
Nick Lachey:
We had, like, 400 people audition, and had to taper that down to a more reasonable 50 or so. Then I came in and heard [those], one by one. It just came down to blend and making all of those voices sound good as one unit.

TV Guide: Are they doing any of your songs?
I think every artist is going to have their choir do one of their own songs, so I think we're gonna do "What's Left of Me".... That'll be a cool moment.

TV Guide: Would you ever do another reality show?
Only one like this. I could never see myself getting into a situation [like Newlyweds] where I was completely exposed to the cameras again.

TV Guide: You've always come off as a normal guy who wound up in an extraordinary situation.
[Laughs] That's kind of how it felt! I don't think I saw that [all] unfolding the way it did. And then it became a bit of a phenomenon and once you're in it... you can't get out. It's one of those things that evolved in front of [me] and I learned my lesson from it.

TV Guide: I just saw a tabloid with pics of you and [girlfriend] Vanessa Minnillo that read "Are They Headed for the Altar?"
Yeah, well, they've been saying that for the past year. [Laughs] And they could take the same picture next week and write, "Are They Headed for a Split?" They write whatever they feel like.

TV Guide: How does that not drive you crazy?
The only thing I can do is live my life, man. You can't stop people from taking pictures and writing stories, but you can control how you react. I just try to ignore it and do my thing.

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