Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Itunes & Z100 12/18/07 *nick*

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Nick Lachey sang the theme song for the movie For One More Day. The song is being released on iTunes today. Available now exclusively on Nickfanatic.com - Nick Lachey's new song release Ordinary Day.

Nick Lachey was on Z100 this morning. They talked about 98 degrees and asked him if he still kept in touch with the guys, which he does. They had him make them into a choir. They sang a song called 'Dominick the Donkey'. It was funny. They talked about the show last night and said that Nick did great. Patti LaBelle was the best but they voted for Nick anyway. Nick mentioned the charity he's trying to win for and said that Drew and Issac (brothers) were both born premature so he wants to support this charity. Here's a poll they did...

Does Greg T. and Nick Lachey look like twins?
Poll & Picture Here
NIck's Instudio Pics Here