Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nick pleads for 'privacy'

Nick Lachey told a US chat show that he's now trying to keep his love life private.

Lachey, 34, appeared as guest on 'Oprah' to speak about his public divorce with Jessica Simpson.

Lachey said: "It was very difficult to have a relationship when you are sharing it with the public."

He added: "I've had to pull back and I think it's important to keep things private."

Since his divorce from Simpson, the singer has been dating T.V. personality Vanessa Minnillo.

In April 2007 the couple officially moved in together - buying an apartment in New York.

Although Lachey hopes to keep his current relationship out of the spotlight, the star admits that being a celebrity means he has to accept his life will be under scrutiny wherever he goes.

"You know when you are in this business, there's an element of your life that's going to be open for coverage, but that's fine, I can accept that."

Lachey married Jessica Simpson in 2002, and they appeared in popular MTV series Newlyweds together.

Following months of speculation, they announced their separation in November 2005 and were divorced June 30 2006.