Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How Well Did Lachey's Choir Do?

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Did Nick Lachey's Cincinnati choir do well enough to sing a second night? I think so... even though I thought "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield wasn't the best song I heard at rehearsal about two weeks ago. It wasn't as jazzy as the other songs they've learned under Steve Zegree, the Western Michigan Univ jazz professor (and a Miami grad?).
Certainly Cincinnati got lots of great attention -- with video of the skyline, Fountain Square, Music Hall, Children's Hospital Medical Center newborn intensive card unit, the School for Creative & Performing Arts and Graeter's ice cream (yeah, like he really dished up ice cream and rode a trolley to look for singers).
The story line was very touching about Arielle Underwood and her dad, who forgot the lyrics to "Fly Me To The Moon," and her mom battling breast cancer. SCPA grad Arielle, 20, made it to the Hollywood round on "American Idol" two years ago. (NBC still has more stories in the bank, about a singer with a sick child treated at Children's Hospital; an Indiana woman who lost a child to a brain tumor; and maybe more on University Hospital nurse Shonda Fowler, Nick's classmate/first kiss.)
Did you notice in the Lachey bio, they jumped from 98 degrees to his solo career -- and forgot to mention his hit MTV show, "Newlyweds" with Jessica Simpson? Who inspired his hit "What's Left Of Me?" (which the Cincinnati singers will perform with Lachey Wednesday night, if they make it to the finals).
NBC paced the show well. The bad/goofy singers provided comic relief. So did country singer Blake Shelton, who "had no clue" about choirs, and asked one woman if she had been drinking before the audition. I liked his taped piece the best.
From my scorecard on the first night: Michael Bolton played the best air guitar; Patti LaBelle wins for best hat (multiple nominations); all groups tied in their ability to shake their shoulders (a whole lotta shakin' going on); tied for stupidest gimmicks were Nick's trolley and that Cincinnati lady in the chicken suit.
Worst moments: The repeated gushing by the celebrity choir leaders. (Where's Simon when you need him?) This will get old by Wednesday. Will we hear the least little criticism from anyone? (Or was it when the host thanked the soldiers "for making the ultimate sacrifice?" I don't think she meant a death wish.)
I'd say Round One goes to Patti LaBelle's Philly singers tonight. I think Cincinnati did well enough to advance. My guess is Michael Bolton's New Haven choir goes home, I think they did the least with "Living On A Prayer" and had the fewest solos.
You tell me: Who were the best and worst? posted by John Kiesewetter at 10:18 PM