Sunday, September 2, 2007

Nick Lachey gives his take on T-town

Nick Lachey gives his take on T-town

BRENT CHAMPACO; The News Tribune
Published: August 25th, 2007 08:53 PM

Ah, to be a celebrity who owns a minor league baseball team. Singing sessions in Los Angeles one day, signing autographs and playing the Cheney Stadium outfield the next.

Trying to snag Nick Lachey for a quick word was tough, but the Rainiers co-owner and heartthrob took time after today’s celebrity softball game to chat with the News Tribune.

The singer and native of Ohio got a Northwest welcoming of summer rain during his visit, so we wouldn’t have blamed him if he was in a sour mood.

Lachey, however, turned out to be a true dignitary, offering nothing but sunshiney things to say about our neck of the woods:

So Nick, what do you think about your 1-for-3 performance Saturday against such athletes as Richard Karn, Stacy Fuson and Chris Judd?

We made a semi-valiant comeback. I didn’t play particularly well.

Would you ever consider putting on a Rainiers uniform and inserting yourself into the team’s lineup?

Absolutely no chance, whatsoever. Being out there with those guys, I realized how old and over-the-hill my athletic skills are.

You sported your own cool-looking jersey, identical to the one worn by your main squeeze, Vanessa Minnillo. What’s the deal?

We ran out of jerseys. Don’t read too much into that.

You’ve been to Tacoma a few times. What do you think of the place?

The fans are great. I’ve learned there’s a lot of loyal, loyal fans who have been with the team for years.

So what are your plans for your weekend stay in the South Sound?

Tonight, we’re going go experience everything Tacoma has to offer.

After this, it’s back to L.A. What tales will you share of Tacoma?

This is the most beautiful part of the country, in my mind.

You own a local team and have a large vacation home in Cheney Stadium. Would you ever consider getting a part-time residence here?

It’s a beautiful area. I certainly wouldn’t rule that out.