Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another Night With Jeff

Crusin around the web I found another Blog on Movin 107.5 night at the beginning of the month!
They posted pics & of course were gonna share! :) Enjoy and thanks gos here:

Those of you who invited to the Movin’ 107.5 Back to the Old School party missed out! It was pretty nostalgic - P.M. Dawn, Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, All-4-One, and Jordan Knight all did sets. It’s kind of funny to see how not-so-big-a-deal these guys are now…P.M. Dawn had a CD player on stage with them that was hooked up to the speaker system so they could manually control their backgrounds when they sang/rapped their songs. Oh wells…it was still cool. Things I learned:

  • I don’t really even remember who P.M. Dawn was.
  • The guys from 98 Degrees were buff back then, and the guy that was here still is.
  • All-4-One got OLD.
  • Jordan Knight still has it.

Also, even if you’re a semi-washed up singer, there’s still no shortage of girls trying to play graba$$ with you. Most of us normal guys are trying to find just one! ;P Still kinda crazy to be 10 feet away from these guys I spent a good amount of my teenybopper life listening to. Last time I saw Jordan Knight I had escaped my post running a fundraiser concession stand at an *NSYNC concert hoping to catch the dance break to “Give It To You”. Haha. Anyways, check the pics here!