Monday, September 3, 2007

Jeff Timmons Canton, Ohio 5/24/07

OMG I know these videos are from this past spring. But I had Sooooo much fun that night with my girls in Ohio. I just had to share! LOL....Thanks go's out to Mickie for catching this amazing night on Film. And Kudo's to my good friend Jeff for being the great guy that he is!! I'll continue to support him & his career for years to come, just because of that reason!! :)

And the next video if you look very closely you'll see a Blond & a Brunette on the side of the stage! That's Me *Suzi* and *Corinne* up on the stage as usual. It never fails!! This was at the Afterparty at the Bar in Canton. Needless to say losta Beer flowed that night & it was Sooo much fun, I cannot wait to do it again... So I ask this question....Um Jeff whens the next show???