Thursday, September 20, 2007

Message from Momma D

This message was posted by Mamma D!

Don’t forget to catch the SURESHOT : Mission ManBand Marathon on Sept 28th on VH1…. Also for those of you who has not seen the extra on Mission:Manband check it out on log onto V-Spot… Its HILARIOUS ! (Rich should be a stand up comedian for real!!!) LOLOL..

Keep you ears and eyes open for sureshot.. They could be coming to a town near you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep Supporting the boys. They are awesome!!!!!!!!. . Their new sound is NEEDED!!!

Also Jeff Timmons is working on his 2nd CD.. Its scheduled to be release in NOV.. (we will keep you posted)!

Keep up with Houston Artist up and coming Male Pop star Bobby Soloman Smith ( his is AWESOME a True Talent, with an amazing voice…

Keeping to love people!!!!!!!!!!

Dianna "mama d" Liner
Liner Entertainment Group