Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Nick Lachey Says He and Wife Vanessa Have 'Not Read a Single Word' of Jessica Simpson's Tell-All Book


Nick Lachey Says He and Wife Vanessa Have 'Not Read a Single Word' of Jessica Simpson's Tell-All Book

Nick and Jessica were married for four years in the early 2000s, achieving even bigger success as reality stars on MTV's "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica."

Jessica Simpson has taken the world by storm with her tell-all "Open Book," where she is very candid and -- ahem -- open about her past relationships, struggles with alcohol abuse and how she found her way through early stardom. And while it seems everyone is talking about it, not everyone has read it.

And may not have any intention to do so, as it turns out.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Jessica's ex-husband Nick Lachey said, "I have not read a single word." And then, just in case you were picturing his wife Vanessa lying in bed reading the book, he added, "Both of us have not read the book."
The singer also emphasized, "And no, she did not reach out before it was published." That's something Jessica has been pretty upfront about as well, though Nick really would seem to have very little to complain about if he does ever crack it open.

Wanting to be respectful of her marriage and Nick's marriage, Jessica was actually pretty nice to him and when talking about the tumultuous four years they spent together as man and wife.

She said that Nick was drawn to her "wide-eyed innocent approach to life," which fans absolutely ate up during their four years as reality television stars on "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica."

Perhaps as a cautionary tale to other couples living their lives in front of a camera, the series actually ran pretty much their entire marriage, with the couple filing for divorce in the same year it wrapped.
And yet, Jessica seems to have no real animosity toward Nick (or at least none that she shared).

"I was really young and my success hadn’t really begun," she said of their early days together. "He knew me as this young, innocent 18-year-old that had never been introduced to the world in so many ways. I went straight from my father to him. Nick’s very smart. He was eight years older than me, but he was also young."

"We meant a lot to each other and we always will," Jessica continued in her book. "I want to be very respectful because I married him for a reason and we were together for seven years for a reason. He has a family now and I would never say anything to disrespect that."

She had far harsher words for another famous ex, John Mayer, or at least her reaction to him. She said she felt incredible pressure and anxiety and fear that she "wasn’t smart enough for him," which led her into alcohol.

"It was the start of me relying on alcohol to mask my nerves," she wrote. Jessica has been sober since November 2017.

She also shared a disturbing story about a time when Justin Timberlake came to her house and after kissing her immediately texted Ryan Gosling, revealing that they'd had a bet going since they were all children as to who would kiss her first.

Jessica laughed it off on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" this past week, but many did not find it funny at all that he objectified and dehumanized her in that way, and did so right in front of her.

Fans can check out all these stories and more when Jessica Simpson's "Open Book" hits bookstore shelves on February 4.