Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ladies, relive your teenage dreams when 98 Degrees heat up The Rose

By Don Thrasher
Ladies, relive your teenage dreams when 98 Degrees heat up The Rose

Chart-topping vocal group 98 Degrees was at the top of its game when former Ohioans Jeff Timmons, Justin Jeffre and brothers Nick and Drew Lachey went on hiatus in 2003. That break lasted nearly a decade before reforming in 2012. A tour with Boys II Men and New Kids on the Block and a new album followed in 2013.
Timmons recently answered some questions about the return of 98 Degrees, bringing its MY2K Tour to Rose Music Center in Huber Heights on Thursday, July 28.
Q: How was the 2013 tour?
A: “We were able to go on tour with our idols New Kids on the Block and Boys II Men and it was an inevitable success. You can’t go wrong when you align yourselves with guys like that with legendary track records, experience and fan bases that are out of control. That went very well for us and we decided, when our schedules permit, to do a tour of our own and now it’s that time.”
Q: What can fans expect from this tour?
A: “We’re doing a full-on show with some other cool acts from the late-’90s and early-2000s. It’s one of those nostalgic tours but they’re all talented in their own respects and have fan bases of their own. We know them all and have worked with them all at different times. We know we’re all going to get along well on tour. Nobody has any super-inflated egos going on. Everybody is super cool, down to earth, hardworking and talented so we feel like we’ve got a nice little package.”
Q: What’s it like when you guys reconvene after a long break and start singing together?
A: “It’s like riding a bike. When we first started the group, we based ourselves on Boys II Men. We didn’t have instruments with us so we used our voices. We were primarily an a cappella group for the first few months until we got signed. If anything, throughout the course of the last 20 years we’ve gotten a little better individually because we’ve all been doing stuff so it’s really smooth when we get back together.”
Q: How does that feel when you guys lock in for the first time?
A: “There’s nothing better than being able to rely on these other guys you’ve gone through unique experiences with. It’s always good to be back with the guys. You can always depend on them. They always sound great and they’re always keeping up with the times. I’ve been really fortunate to have three other partners that have been as talented and successful.”