Monday, October 13, 2014

Nick Lachey Dishes on Son Camden, Vanessa Lachey's Second Pregnancy: "I Could Not Be More Excited"

"I had a great time," the singer tells Us of his experience on the show. "The spring season was kind of a bit of a trial for me — I'd never done that before. I wanted to step in and see how the experience was and make sure, like any relationship, both sides enjoyed being in the relationship. Thankfully, we did, and it's great to be back and doing it again."
He's also continuing his decades-long music career, as the former boy bander finishes work on his upcoming album, a covers record called Soundtrack of My Life

"The good thing about music is you can kind of do it whenever you find time to do it," he explains to Us. "This project actually started a few years ago… [I'm] thrilled that it's finally gonna come out on November 11. It's called Soundtrack of My Life and it's a cover album — it's all songs from movie soundtracks that were impactful to me and meaningful to me. That right song can bring out such a great moment in a film, and I really wanted to try to pay tribute to that through this album."