Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nick Lachey back on TV, dropping new album

By MYFOX NEW YORK STAFF" title="New York News">New York News

NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) -Will the new season of the VH1 show, 'Big Morning Buzz Live with Nick Lachey,' find the former boy-band member now married father of one with another on the way, climbing up a stripper pole?

"It's always spontaneous and it's always fun," said Lachey.
The new season will air in a new time slot, 9 a.m., and return to Times Square. The show features a celebrity guest and a daily musical performance.
Live television has it's ups and downs for Lachey who has spent years performing for audiences.
"The name mispronunciation, I'm all ways good for that," said Lachey.
When he's away from the TV studio, Lachey heads into the music studio to finish a new album, 'Soundtrack of My Life.' It drops on Nov. 11.
Songs from Lachey's favorite flicks from 'Streets of Philadelphia' to 'Don't Want to Miss a Thing' are featured on the album.