Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vanessa Lachey on Nick Lachey & Baby Camden: My Family Comes First Before Hollywood


Vanessa Lachey may be juggling work and motherhood, but family remains her No. 1 priority.
Life & Style chatted with the star on Thursday in Beverly Hills, where she was busy promoting her new Fox show Dads at the Television Critics Association summer press tour.
Though she's so excited about the new project, Vanessa admits that hubbyNick Lachey and their adorable 10 month old baby boy Camden are always on her mind.
"My family is number one. I would be happy having the show or not having the show because I have my family," she explained to Life & Style. "As soon as I got married and found my husband Nick, that was my priority. Then us creating my son Camden...I'll do anything for these guys. To the point that if it becomes a choice between the show and them - and I don't think there ever will be because there's a great opportunity for me to integrate the two - I don't have a choice. Family's first."
And right now, life is very hectic for Vanessa, who is also busy planning Nick's 40th birthday in November and Cam's first on Sept. 12.
"I've devoted the last month to their birthdays because I'm going to start work on Dads Aug. 14 and I wanted to obviously have time to work on the show. For the last month, I've been on my phone and e-mails planning Camden's birthday and Nick's birthday. I just joked to my friend - I said, 'I just hope I don't send Maker's Mark to Camden's birthday and send streamers to Nick's birthday!'" she said with a laugh."
She added, "It's fun to have these two men in my life - my little man and my big guy. That's what makes all of this awesome and then it gives me this platform to kind of, in a cool way, expose me now. Because Vanessa now in 2013 isn't the same as Vanessa as 2011. It isn't the same Vanessa as 2000. Now I love my family. I love my priorities. I love my job. I'm just excited that I get to do that."
Perhaps after the two big shindigs, Nick and Vanessa will try for baby No. 2!
"Of course [I want to expand my family]," she revealed to Life & Style. "I was thinking how fun would it be because this [Dads] is a family show. All the fodder of a pregnant wife and then a woman giving birth and all of that. The stories you hear from families in the delivery room, throughout the process. The things that go on that I didn't even know about. All of that is great fodder for television because that is real, that is endless. So I look forward to expanding my family and being able to integrate that into my work."
And the pair already have a number in mind.
"If we have a girl next, Nick's like two or three may be good!" she said. "But we both talked about three. I said if I had a girl next, I'd love to just try for a third. And if I had a boy next, I'd for sure want to try for a third. It isn't so much about boy-girl. I've always loved having a big family."