Monday, April 1, 2013

Vanessa Minnillo, Nick Lachey's Son Camden Wears Bunny Tail for Easter!


"Hoppy" Easter! Vanessa Lachey wrote beneath a snapshot of baby boy Camden rocking a bunny tail for the holiday.
Some bunny had a great Easter! Vanessa Lachey (nee Minnillo) and husband Nick Lachey celebrated their very first Easter holiday with son Camden, 6 months on Sunday March 31. And although the couple's first child was too young to hunt for Easter eggs or gorge on jelly beans and chocolate, he was still able to get in the spring holiday spirit! "'Hoppy' Easter!" the Wipeout hostess, 32, tweeted. In an adorable snapshot, the little tyke crawls with a fluffy bunny tail affixed to the back of his shorts.