Friday, January 27, 2012

Creative Disc Interview with Jeff Timmons

So fun to hear Jeff  interviewed again across seas! SOURCE--Translated into English for you!!! =) Thanks to Creative Disc for letting me know to re-upload this interview!!

Hello, my name is Danny Cung from, and an honor for me to interview a Jeff Timmons, founder of the group 98 Degrees. Hi Jeff, how are you?

Jeff: Hi, very good .. Thank you very much.
Where are you now and what are you doing? Moderate or promo tour there?

Jeff: I'm not actually on tour right now. I was in Las Vegas, spending time with family only, after completing my show last summer with the Chippendales. And now, I am preparing a new show at the new theater as well, Giordano Theater, which is housed at the Fashion Show Mall. I am very pleased with this project!
So, what makes you interested in making this Greatest Hits tour with the Blue & A1 in Asia?

Jeff: Every time I get the chance visit to Southeast Asia, I always agree. We have a very supportive fanbase 98 Degrees, and coupled with the tour with great groups like the Blue and A1, is a very wait-wait, and I feel honored to be part of it.
What is it like to work with Blue & A1? Did you find it difficult, given their backgrounds are different countries?

Jeff: Not at all. As I said earlier, I am very honored to be touring together with a group of large, high album sales, and a lot of hits.I think the fans were able to sort through, no matter who we are, the type of music played, the important thing they're good, That makes a statement in Itself . Not important where they came from, if they're good act, then I can be associate with Them , I would feel very pleased to be involved.
As the founder of 98 Degrees, according to thee what this group will be formed again, and perhaps with new personnel?

Jeff: Well, good question, about 98 Degrees, whether we will get back together. And even though I acted as the founder of this group, but I not have the authority to issue or attract new members to this group. We're like a brother, Nick, Drew, Justin, and me, and I think if we intend to get back together, only there will be 4 people, no one else. However I can not be sure whether the opportunity will be there, because now we have a busy individual. Maybe someday, but not in the near future.
Furthermore, if you are planning to release a new album this year? There may be leaks about his album title and release when?

Jeff: I'll release a solo project in the near future. But I still do not know whether in the form of the album; which obviously I've got about 60 songs, and maybe I will just release it in the form of singles, one by one. Because in my opinion, this time people tend to prefer buying singles than an album full. So, I will be consistent with the single release, maybe just the material that I can have more than one album if combined, but I am very pleased with the results, new & fresh , up-tempo beat, and contemporary music,and I hope everybody really, really likes it!
Okay. About the concert in Jakarta (26 Feb) and Napier (2 Mar) next. I think this is the first time you go to Indonesia.Are there any special preparations are you doing?

Jeff: I have been to Indonesia several times, and I think there is one time 98 Degrees visit there, we were the last group of overseas tour, and when we come back, we became the first group the back. Obviously I am very familiar with the culture of Indonesia, super-duper excited to see again with our fans of course. And if I, Blue and A1 have a song that we prepared together? Not at this time. But who knew there was another surprise from us to you.
The last one. Can convey something to your fans in Indonesia?

Jeff: Well, here it is. "Coming The Greatest Hits Tour. I, Blue, and A1 in Jakarta and Makassar. "(In Indonesian)
Thank you, Jeff. Thank you for your time.
Jeff: Thank you very much ..
Thanks For @ Cung2 for the mixing and @ RendyNdoo for the translation!
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