Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Is this Justin??

Ok So its been said that Justin was in Vegas for Nicks bachelor party... The guy right behind Nick in this picture, Brown hair.. White Shirt. Is this an older Justin? I could be wrong. but hes the only one in this pic that resembles him.. Odd hes not pictured anywhere but i keep reading he was there.

What do you guys think??



Anonymous said...

I know ok magazine has a picture of Nick, Drew, and Jeff - but no Justin although I'm sure he was there.

Anonymous said...

Umm, i don't think that's justin. His blue eyes would sparkle. maybe he was the one taking the pic. yeah, and it's elusive. I hear he was there.. but still no proof ;)

Still Lovin 98 Degrees said...

If you look right behind the guy that I pointed out at first. That could be Justin as well. You can only see a sliver of his face