Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nick Holiday Plans


Nick Lachey has had one big year between his hit TV series The Sing-Off, which is coming back for a second season, and his recent engagement to Vanessa Minnillo. "This is like a banner year for you!" Rachael notes.

"It's been a fun year!" Nick says. "But 2011? We're probably going to hold the wedding, so, you know, next year's only going to get better!" They'll ring in the new year from one of Rach's favorite locations. "We're going to be in Tuscany for New Year's," he says. "I hear you are the resident expert!" Rachael is thrilled they have chosen Italy, where she got married to John, and offers to set them up with some restaurants and activities. "I've got a long list for you guys!"

But before they head overseas, Nick and Vanessa will celebrate Christmas with family, which means Nick has some shopping to do. "I'm the guy literally on the 21st [on a plane] with the Sky Mall magazine," he says. "I'm terrible with it!" So what is he getting for his fiancée? "Is this bad form? I got her a nice ring. Have I got to get her something else?" he asks. Rach informs that him that he does and jokes, "You are on the naughty list!" He says he'll write Vanessa a song and Rach revises her statement. "You're back on the nice list." She then asks him to give a sample of his favorite Christmas carol - tune in for his duet with Rach!