Monday, March 15, 2010

Stars Send Outpouring of Affection to Marie Osmond

While at an event to stamp out hunger, stars such as Nick Lachey, Marcia Cross, and Debi Mazar sent their condolences to Marie Osmond and her family upon finding out about the tragic death of her teenage son Michael.

"Desperate Housewive"'s Marcia Cross, who holds a masters degree in psychology, said, "What's so devastating about that is, first of all, death is irrevocable, and you think, 'Oh my God, did they have medication? Was there something that could have been done?'...It's heartbreaking."

Actress Debi Mazar got to know the Osmond family while competing against Donny Osmond for the mirror ball trophy on "Dancing with the Stars." She knows many people who have suffered from depression, the condition Marie's son fell victim to, and said, "It's quite tragic. They're a very private family."

On Sunday night, Vanity Fair kicked off Campaign Hollywood, a week-long series of events leading up to their big Oscar Night Party, with a fundraiser benefiting The FEED Foundation and The Hungry in America Project. The "Entourage" star was present to speak about the solemn issue of hunger in America. As a child, she was afflicted by the topic, revealing to ET that "I was on food stamps when I was a kid...It made me more resourceful."

A documentary on the subject of hunger titled 'Hungry in America' is slated to be released in early 2011. "The Insider"'s Samantha Harris explained, "Sort of what 'The Inconvenient Truth' did as a film to bring awareness about the global warming crisis, the 'Hungry in America' film…will hopefully do to raise awareness about the hunger problem in America."