Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nick and Vanessa: Hurting for Cash?


Looking very much in love, a Jordan jumpsuit-clad Nick Lachey and his lovely lady Vanessa Minnillo were spotted grabbing up lunch in Studio City over the weekend (January 23).

Holding hands and sharing a laugh as they exited a local eatery, the former “Newlyweds” star and his beauty queen lady strolled along past awaiting paparazzi and up to their nearby car.

The sighting comes amidst National Enquirer reports that Nick and Vanessa are struggling in the bank account department as of late.

With his new disc having been put on hold indefinitely, sources allege that Nick was “expecting a big payday from his new album.”

Allegedly unable to afford a previously planned dream wedding, things are said to have gotten to the point where Lachey is “trying to pick up hosting gigs” to pay for he and Vanessa’s ritzy taste.