Friday, January 15, 2010

GameOn Podcast: Nick Lachey and Heidi Durrow

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Erica & Melissa discuss singing, football and baseball with self-proclaimed "Gleek" Nick Lachey. We also talk to Heidi Durrow, author and former actress, on her job as a life coach for the NFL and NBA rookie camps.

Yet another jam-packed show. Now we sound like a broken record, but we think you'll agree: This week, Nick Lachey chats with us about his new reality show "The Sing-Off," and shares his thoughts on the Bengals success, the BCS system (playoffs, please!) and what it's like to own a minor league baseball team. Plus, author and former actress Heidi Durrow stops by to share some stories from her days as a life coach for NFL and NBA Rookies. And so much more that you have come to know and love from the ladies of GameOn!