Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nick Lachey won't be like Simon Cowell on "High School Musical: Get in the Picture"; don't look for Nick on "Dancing With the Stars"


Expect a friendly, helpful host in Nick Lachey on "High School Musical: Get in the Picture."

Will he be anything like Simon Cowell?

"Not at all," Lachey told me Wednesday. This ABC reality show, which debuts July 20, promotes a positive outlook.

"It's about encouraging kids," he said as hopefuls registered at Disney's Wide World of Sports in Orlando. "It's about finding the kids who truly have the passion for it and trying to encourage them, whether they make the show or not."

The selected kids will train at a music school in Utah, where the movies were filmed. The winner's prize: an appearance in a music video that will play over the end credits of "High School Musical 3: Senior Year," a theatrical film coming this fall.