Monday, May 26, 2008

Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough Share Parade Car


Helio Castroneves shared his parade car with none other than Julianne Hough. The parade I am referring to is the Indy 500 parade that takes place downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Julianne sang her new single “That Song In My Head” while former Dancing alums, Drew Lachey, Sabrina Bryan, Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez looked on. They held up all 10’s after she finished. Drew, Sabrina, Marlee, and Fabian were in the Dancing with the Stars Float as well.

After Julianne sang her song, she was interviewed for about 15 minutes. She will be touring with Brad Paisley next month and will open for him. They asked about Helio and how much they keep in touch and she said they talk all the time that they are really great friends. She said they had been texting each other all day since she hadn’t seen him since she got into town. She saw him right after that because she shared his parade car with him. The seat next to the driver is usually reserved for wives, children, and family members. Don’t get the wrong idea - they still profess that they are just good friends.

I’ve captured some pictures of Julianne Hough and Helio Castroneves. The last picture is of the Dancing with the Stars Float. Drew Lachey is in the white. Standing next to him is Sabrina Bryan with Fabian next to her. Marlee was next to Fabian, but she isn’t pictured (sorry Marlee fans).

Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough At the Indy 500 Parade

Julianne Hough and Helio Castroneves Share the Parade Car at the Inday 500

Dancing with the Stars Float - Indy 500 Parade

I’ll try to capture some photos tomorrow of Kristi waving the green flag. Stay tuned!