Saturday, May 24, 2008

Celebrity Home Staged in Corona CA *jeff Timmons*

Source follow the link to see the inside of his home

Showhomes Riverside, based in Corona CA, staged a celebrity home this week. The home, located in the exclusive Eagle Glen community went on the market this week.

Previous to Showhomes, the home had been sitting vacant. The owner, Jeff Timmons, founding member of the band 98 Degrees, hesitated to put the home on the market vacant. When he walked through the home, he was amazed:

"Wow! It's Amazing - it never looked this good! Its awesome - I want to move back in! You guys are amazing."

"We hope it sells quickly - Showhomes has had 11 recent home sales in nearby Orange County and we expect to repeat this in Riverside," said franchise owner Shawn McAffee.