Wednesday, February 6, 2008



What was it like growing up in the city's Avondale (A-1) section of Cincinnati?
It was reality. It's in the heart of Cincinnati and I know most of Cincinnati from living right there in that spot. It taught me how to hustle.

Your father wrote poetry. Are any of your songs a reflection of his writing?
I don't know if they are a reflection of his writing but definitely a reflection of his personality because my music is a reflection of my real life personality, like it or not. He was that type of person. He would hold the mirror up to your face.

Your first single "That's a money maker" is on a mix tape? are you going to release any more mix tapes before the album?
I'm finishing up one now and it's called "The Scratch Off". Outside of that, no more mix tapes. However, I will be releasing songs for mix tapes and I'll keep doing that forever. That's just part of the game you know.

What producers are you planning to have on your album?
I have Daz Dillenger from the Dogg Pound, Fitz Left - an up and coming producer in Atlanta who produced some of my best work, Hop - one of Nappy Roots' producers. I recorded most of my album in the Nappy Roots' studio in Louisville, KY. That's how I end up doing the single "That's a Money Maker" with Skinny Deville. I also got Hi-Tek to mix a couple of records for me at his studio in Cincinnati.

Describe your style
I'm what the people want, at the same time, I'm what the people need. I'm not trap happy or creating a new dance - I'm fresh air. I'm from the midwest. Some of the biggest rappers of all time have come from the midwest - Eminem, Nelly, Kanye, Ludacris, Twista...ain't no mystery. I can do a record with somebody from the East Coast, West Coast and down south (as I have) all on the same album and nobody can get mad cause we really a mixture of all of that. Feel me?

Would you compare yourself to any artist out now?
Yes, DJ Khalid - Cause we da best!...HaHaHa. But truthfully, I really feel as though I don't sound like anybody else and my music definitely has a different twist on it.

Do you feel moving to Atlanta has influenced your style of Rapping?
Definitely. When I listen to the rappers in Cincinnati, I realize how different from them I disrespect. I feel as though my product is more well rounded because I live in the middle of a music mecca therefore I have more music influences. I mean, everybody in the game gotta come through here to break a record.

Any Collabos in the works?
Well on the album now I have done collabos with Jarvis, Daz Dillenger, Skinny Deville, Mista F.A.B. and Turf Talk (shout out to the Yay area). And I just did a song with Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees which is big for me 'cause that's a big crossover record. I'll bring it out when it's time - LOL. But for now I'm just working. It is what it is but not necessarily how it's gone be.

What are you expecting from the whole music experience?
A man gotta have a dream.

So what you want the people to know about "Street Lotto"
The most important thing that I want people to know about Street Lotto is that I put God first. The rest I let you tell it, so the legend lives on. Street Lotto!