Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Bar Biz Buzz (Justin)

The Bar Biz Buzz

You would think after the Bearcats and the Buckeyes, even Miami, the high school teams every one would enjoy this weekend. Then come the Bengals and back to reality for today.
We look to Tuesday and across the board on every issue, I believe a NO vote across the board is imperative. Every issue that gets voted down will always find unallocated funds to pull out of whatever dilemma their finances put them in!
Thee feel good theory of making everyone healthy, safe, insured and proud to be a free country is a scary utopian dream.
The more you five to let the government control your every day life is so irresponsible.
DO NOT ALLOW yourself to succumb to the system. This is the reason small business has been reduced to a pawn in the Big Program.
I have personal reasons to support three candidates for City Council and I would hope my personal reasons will spur you to also support those who do and will support our industry.
Vice Mayor Dave Crowley has proved over and again that he is our industry support and always will. Vote Crowley.
With continuous contact with Brian Garry on our issues a visionary with old school reasoning.
Last but not least Justin Jeffre covers all bases when it comes to vision, projection of necessary programs and an individual that is sincere, down to earth and prod to be a Cincinnatian. Justin is caring in his nature, so much that myself 20 years his elder feels comfortable with his leadership qualities and personal feel for our city.
I’m expecting a meeting Thursday on our legislation. I’ll let everyone know ASAP.
In the interim lest build our membership, let’s tackle and handle the present unfair law.
Please do not take to heart so many innuendos’ that are circulating.
You have the e-mail address. You have the phone numbers but you also the ability to step up to the plate for your self survival.
I’ll be open phone all day today for any and all questions.

Your Prez

Pat Carroll
P. S. Early Salute to all Veterans always keep our people in your thoughts and prayers!
Christmas music on November 5th sucks!

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