Sunday, August 5, 2018

Spicy food lover, Jeff Timmons couldn't stop gorging on Indian delicacies

By RnMTeam


MUMBAI: 98 Degree founder and renowned America singer Jeff Timmons, who recently visited India, ensured to binge on some mouth-watering delicacies, during his maiden India tour.
Sharing his gourmet story, Jeff, said, “I am a big fan of spicy food. Yes, it’s kind of funny. I got a chance to try all the food varieties, probably, more than I should have. The folks that were with me would have told me this many times, but I couldn’t stop eating.”
Jeff Timmons was accompanied by a crew, from Baltimore Festcomprising of Shalini Sood (USA) and Cowboy Raj (USA) along with Niyaz Sayyad (handles operations in Mumbai) and Asif Merchant (stylist in Mumbai).
“Niyaz took me around to all the local spots that only the culture knows about, you know, the secrets. I got to try some of the mainstream, traditional cuisines but loved everything, I ate and my waistline says it all,” said Timmons, who was in love with Indian food. 

Timmons told a leading portal that he gained about 5 kgs during his India tour. Well, seems like Indian tadka was spicy enough to make Jeff fall in love with it.
Jeff's, live performance, held on 13 July 2018, was a maiden outing of the singer, songwriter and actor, who ensured to stroll through the diverse musical culture of the country.