Monday, February 24, 2014

Jeff Timmons: Maintaining a Stripper's Body Is Hard Work

Jeff Timmons: Maintaining a Stripper's Body Is Hard Work| 98 Degrees, Bodywatch, TV News, Jeff Timmons
Jeff Timmons: Maintaining a Stripper's Body Is Hard Work

Prepare to see more of Jeff Timmons. A lot more. 

The 98 Degrees singer will star in his own reality show, Men of the Strip, on E! this summer. 

The show, which promises to show a lot of skin, will follow the ups and downs of a male revue in Las Vegas. Think Magic Mikemeets your favorite boy band. 

The dancers were chosen during a three-month cross-country search, followed by a 42-city promotional tour. 
"It's more than a normal male revue," Timmons tells PEOPLE. "We chose guys who can sing, who are funny and entertaining. The show will start with a 90-minute movie over Memorial Day weekend, and then we'll start our Vegas residency right after that." 

And yes, Timmons will also take it off. So how does a 40-year-old man prepare to go shirtless in front of millions of people? With a lot of hard work. 
"As I get older, I find it more difficult to stay in shape," he told PEOPLE at Friday's Full Sail University Hall of Fame celebration. 

"It's mostly about diet. I watch what I eat – low carb, not a lot of grains. No sugar, except for booze once in a while. I eat lean meat, eggs, fish. It's kind of a boring, bland diet. I like sweets, so I can't eat any of them. If I have a bite, it becomes a gallon of ice cream, or an entire cake, or a dozen donuts." 
"I also work out about four times a week," he says. "I'll do free weights and P90X. I like doing yoga, and I do high intensity interval training, too." Adds his wife, Amanda, "We'll be watching a movie and he'll be curling weights while we watch it!" 

But success on the Strip takes more than just diet and exercise. It takes some, um, personal grooming. "Sure, I manscape," he says with a laugh. "I shave my chest; I'm too much of a chicken to wax it! I make sure that everything is neatly trimmed."