Monday, May 6, 2013

Nick Lachey Announces 98 Degrees Tour with Backstreet Boys and Boys II Men


Former 98 Degrees crooner, Nick Lachey, stopped by Sway in the Morning to make and announcement and describes his new life as a father/husband.
The boy band has united for a new album, 98 Degrees 2.0, that’s due May 7. Plus, they’ll be part of a new tour called The Package Tour, with Backstreet Boys and Boys II Men.
That’s not the only project Nick is working on though. Along with being a full-time husband to bombshell, Vanessa Minnillo, he’s also a new father with an album dedicated to son called, A Father’s Lullaby. You guessed right, an album of all baby lullabies.
Watch him talk about it below.


Anonymous said...'s NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK not Backstreet Boys that they are touring with. You should really do some research...

Still Lovin 98 Degrees said...

Lmao!! Thanks for the feedback.. I REALIZE who they are touring with. FOLLOW the source button & watch the videos. You will find that it was SWAY that made this misprint & not me. He ALSO said it in the freaking video. Hence why I just copied the article as it was.. so Before jumping me go look & watch.. Not to be rude but WOW this was not my mistake otherwise ENJOY the blog!