Monday, October 24, 2011

Mohegan Sun Party Goes On Without J.Lo


It was 15th anniversary celebration those who attended won't soon forget at Mohegan Sun, thanks to a second night of star power on the red carpet and the dance floor Saturday.

mohparty7_opt.jpgAmong them, singer/actor Nick Lachey and his new bride, Vanessa Minnillo (in short gold party dress,) actress Jamie Presley and beau Hanzi Hijazi, model Linda Vojtave, "Footloose" star, Kenny Wormald, and "Glee's" Lea Michele.

"This is all so great," said Michele in a very revealing black cocktail dress. Like most going into the late-night after party at the casino's new Ballo restaurant, Michele was still on a high from the explosive concert by Jennifer Lopez.

"I would love to have her come on one of the show,"saidmohparty1_opt.jpgMichele. "She is incredible."

J.Lo may have been incredible on stage, but never-the-less she was a no-show on the hyped-up red carpet following her concert, and a definite no-show to the party that went on into the wee hours of Sunday. There were a lot of disappointed fans and media who waited more than an hour after the concert to see if she would make a public appearance. Word was she firmly said "no" despite any last minute appeals from the brass.

Once everyone got over that however, it was all eyes on those who did do the walk including four hunky guys from the soap "General Hospital," who play in a cover band together called "Point Chuck,"

"What would we play if could only play one song the rest of our lives?" said actor Steve Burton, who, with Brandon Barash, Bradford Anderson and Scott Reeves, make up the group. "It would be "I've Got No Brain," a new one just written by my three-year-old son, Jack," said the proud papa of two, whipping out his phone so he could let others listen to his son's musical genius.

And speaking of hunks, remember Jesse Metcalf of "Desperate Housewives" and mostmohparty5_opt.jpgrecently from "John Tucker Must Die?"

The casino celebration turned into a reunion for him and an "ex."

Metcalf once lived in Connecticut attending The Williams School in New London. Waiting for him along the red carpet, the girl he went to homecoming with at Waterford High School, Crissy Doucette.

"We weren't dating, god no," she said about their long-ago date. "We grew up together since elementary school and just went to homecoming together," sad Doucette, after she and Metcalf said their "hellos" and posed for a picture together. "But he was cute then too."

mohparty6_opt.jpg"So You Think You Can Dance," judge Mary Murphy was back, trading five-inch gold stilettos for flat-soled boots for the party.

"My feet won't be the same for a week," said the boisterous, fun-loving judge, who, like many on the second night of partying, ditched the really high heels for something more comfortable.

Inside the party deejay DJ Kiss was in charge of getting it started and keeping it going, just like she promised.

"Of course I'll be playing some JLo but just a lot of fun stuff," she said. "Music to get people out here to dance," she said as she headed inside.

And dance they did. Moves of the night? Who knew "Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro, andmohparty10_opt.jpgcelebrity chefs Todd English and Bobby Flay could boogie like that when they are out of the kitchen!

English and Flay had a good-natured competition going on another matter. Seems JLo preferred English over Flay when it came to food.

"Todd got her first," kidded Flay about what the former "Fly Girl" turned star ordered for eats while in the tony Presidential Suite during her casino stay.

"Pizza and mostly salads," reported English about Lopez's requests. "And it was all room service."

And one last note. Connecticut's own "American Idol" finalist who went on to her own fame,mohparty8_opt.jpgKatie Stevens, was there and all grown up.

You might remember Stevens almost made it on last year's season of Fox's popular talent reality show. Well, now she is pursuing her career in L.A. but was in CT for the weekend, in part, to perform today at the casino on the last day of its anniversary weekend.

"I am so happy to be home and Connecticut will always be my home," said the stylish singer who wore bright red strapless and purple suede shoes. "And I want to thank Connecticut again for all its support when I was on "Idol." I will always be grateful."