Monday, April 18, 2011

98° Guy Joins Chippendales

LMAO I LOVE This Article!!!! ;)

By Stephanie McKinny

Do you smell that? That’s the faint smell of Dr. Pepper flavored Bonne Bell Lip Smackers being reapplied once again by the teenage girls of the ‘90s. Except now those teenage girls are mid to late 20-year-olds and that means they can go to Vegas and see naked men. They’ll probably be especially giddy now, because it turns out one of their beloved boy-banders from back in the day was forced to quit gave up his day job, and has now resorted to stripping. That’s right ladies, for the small price of $54.95 – which is probably more than their actual concert tickets used to cost – you can see former 98° member Jeff Timmons shake his shit with the Chippendales in Las Vegas. It’s official; that band is now more famous for all the other bullshit they’ve been a part of than their actual music career. He’s not only a stripper, but he’s their musical guest too. Here, I’ll let them tell you:

“The temperature is rising at Chippendales as Jeff Timmons from the platinum-selling group 98 Degrees joins the acclaimed revue as the special musical guest star at the Rio All-suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas May 12th through June 5th.”

It’s a drunken bachelorette’s dream come true. Have fun, ya hussies.