Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who Should Replace Regis Philbin On 'Live'?


Every week, the MTV Newsroom Blogs takes a look at the celebrities who are appearing on the week's talk shows. While most of the action exists in late night, there is one particular daytime show that has managed to remain fresh and vital despite the age of one of its hosts and the duration it has been on the air. But the daytime talk show landscape is about to get shifted once again, as Regis Philbin announced that he will be retiring as the host of "Live! With Regis and Kelly" as of this summer. It will truly be the end of an era, as Philbin has presided over the show for 28 years.

The show will continue, presumably with Kelly Ripa (who replaced original co-host Kathy Lee Gifford in 2001) and another male co-host. But who will that replacement be? It almost certainly won't be any of the following people, but here are the people they should ask if they really want "Live!" to continue its tradition of excellence in entertainment.

Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Prinze has got the easy charisma and sharp sense of humor that every talk show host needs, and his varied interests (including comedy, music and professional wrestling) would make him versatile enough to co-carry the show.

Nick Lachey
The guy has served as a the host on both of the runs of "The Sing Off," and he is obviously comfortable on camera. His experience in the world of celebrity makes him a friendly face, and his charisma is off the charts.

Dee Snider
The former Twisted Sister frontman (who most recently made a name for himself as a Broadway star) has been a fixture on radio for years, and it's about time he made the transition to morning television. He has the gift of gab, has plenty of stories to tell and is an excellent interviewer.

Charles Barkley
The highlight of any basketball broadcast on TNT is watching the Round Mound of Rebound riff on whatever happens to be sticking in his craw that day. While he'd be missed on those broadcasts, the "Live!" gig would give the world a daily dose of Sir Charles, and while the guy truly deserves his own cable network, an hour every weekday morning is a good start.

Jon Hamm
Sure, he'd be missed on "Mad Men," but think about how awesome Hamm is on talk shows as a guest and on "Saturday Night Live" as a host. Don't you want that every day?

Lil Wayne
Just to see what Kelly Ripa would say.


Anonymous said...

Nick Lachey is the PERFECT replacement for Regis! Ladies (young & old) love him! ...and he & Kelly have great chemistry!