Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Insider @LisaLisa98 visits the #H50 set.


#H50 was filming ep. 116 at the Aston Waikiki Hotel, using Tiki’s Grill & Bar (@Tikisgrill) and other areas of the hotel. Grace Park and @danieldaekim were shooting that day. @Littlesrule the #VacationingInsider also joined the fun. The crew even asked us to sit in the background of a scene as they changed the camera angle towards the pool. Not like we’ll get real airtime, but it was fun to be participating in a #H50 scene! I got to see all the scenes that whole day – the end of the day was the BEST part. But as the ep has not been shown, I will post No spoilers!

The #H50 Crew were all very awesome and friendly. It was cool to see them filming and be thiiiiis close to everyone and everything! Respect their rules and they will respect you back. ‘Nuff said. Thanks for the memories, #H50 Crew!

Our insider @LisaLisa98 got to meet her ‘hero’ @NickSLachey who is Guest Staring with Vanessa Minnillo on #H50. In her own words :)) ‘I had been a fan of Nick Lachey since his 98 Degrees days so I was very excited to hear he and Vanessa would be on #H50.  It has been 10 years since the last time I saw him in a private meet & greet. I met Nick & Vanessa at the Hilton and they were super cool.   They were both very gracious and took pics with all of us even though they had to run off.  So we were all very thankful for that. They were Amazing!  I can’t wait to see the episode!’