Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rich Cronin Hope Foundation

In the spring of 2005, singer/songwriter Rich Cronin was diagnosed with Acute Mylogeneous Leukemia. Experiencing first hand the challenges of fighting this frightening disease, it became evident that global awareness is key in the survival of so many individuals impacted by Leukemia every year. And so, Rich made a pledge to use his voice, not just to entertain people, but to send a message to others with Leukemia, that there are survivors and that we are on the way to more hopeful prognoses. He decided to use his voice to send a message to everyone who has the power to save one of those lives, right in their blood, in their bone marrow, in their heart-felt compassion. Rich decided to use his voice to send a message about HOPE.
"I've seen a lot of terrible things," says Rich Cronin about Leukemia and its affect on its victims and their loved ones. "If people could just look up and see someone like me - someone fighting and getting back to his regular life - then maybe that will inspire someone."The voice that Rich pledged to use to spread awareness is speaking to you now. It is speaking to all of us from the heart of someone who has seen the challenge, felt the challenge and is living with the challenge. He is fighting the good fight, just like so many others. The voice is asking you to take the time to read all of the information contained here on this site and learn how you hold the power to save a life.Life truly is the most fragile gift to behold and the most amazing gift to give. Each and every one of us can share that gift in big and small ways. Building upon the hopeful theme of this"good fight", the Rich Cronin Hope Foundation was born.For full details, please visit www.richcroninhopefoundation.org CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT THE CAUSE!Give Blood! Give the most precious gift you can....LIFE. There is someone out there who needs blood EVERY 2 SECONDS.

You hold the power to save a life in your own body. Take a moment to learn about the National Marrow Donor Program. For details, visit www.richcroninhopefoundation.org

Heroes: Every fighter, every survivor, every friend, every family member and every kind heart that makes the world a brighter place.
Rich Cronin Hope Foundation for Leukemia Fighting the Good FightTo make an .. tax deductible donation which helps RCHF maintain its mission to enrich the lives of individuals and families impacted by Leukemia, please visit www.paypal.com and use email address tokens@richcroninhopefoundation.com.To make a donation by mail, please have your check made payable to
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Thank you for joining us inTHE GOOD FIGHTagainst Leukemia!