Saturday, July 16, 2016

98 Degrees: My2K Tour *Wake up Texas*


Fans of ‘90s and early 2000s music — and the popular boy bands of that time — are flocking to stadiums. Drawing in the crowds: singing sensations 98 Degrees.
The group chats with Fox’s Michelle Pollino about the My2K Tour and their fanbase. 
The My2K Tour is off and running, featuring pop stars from the ‘90s and 2000s, including Ryan Cabrera, Dream, O-Town and headliners 98 Degrees.
“I think our fans have grown up with us, and their fans of, obviously, that era, and our music and the music of that era. Obviously, we enjoy still performing the songs, and so it’s an opportunity for all of us to enjoy each other’s company again,” Nick Lachey said.
The four friends from Ohio first got together in 1997 and scored eight Top 40 singles on the way to selling more than 10 million records.
“We were literally like, living in a dump of an apartment in North Hollywood, and struggling to make it, and it just kind-of takes you back in, reminds you of how far we’ve come,” Drew Lachey said. “So, to get back together and have these memories and these opportunities to perform together — you can’t take that for granted.”
“We’ve worked hard to chase a dream, but in the end, it’s really about the people that gravitated to and identified it with our music, and the same people who come out today and support us,” Nick said.
While the guys are all friends, they say we should ask again after they share a bus on this tour.
“You can come talk to us after we’ve been on the bus for six weeks and somebody didn’t wash their feet for the night. I mean, it’s gonna be a whole different conversation,” Drew said. “But there’s a bond that we’ve developed and that we shared for the last 20 years. There really aren’t any secrets. We all know where the bodies are buried. It’s kind-of just a community between the four of us, so for the last 10, 13, whatever years, that’s kind-of been missing. So, now we can [have the] opportunity to go back, and we can, all that makeup on even tighter.”