Monday, June 6, 2016

98 Degrees: Who's (Literally) the Hottest Guy From the Band? Here's Your Answer.


98 Degrees, Drew Lachey
First up was Drew, who came in at a strong 96.9 degrees

There were often two arguments constantly debated among teen girls in the 2000s—which boy band are you loyal to and who is the hottest member of the group.
So, in both an effort to give you an entertaining slap of nostalgia while also answering those die-hard questions, we bring you a clip with the fine gentleman of 98 Degrees. The singers sat down with E! News recently for an interview, but we couldn't let these lads go without finding out who really is the hottest member of the group.
Is it Nick Lachey? His brother Drew LacheyJeff Timmons?! Justin Jeffre?!
We needed answers, so we began investigating. Oh, and when we say "hottest," we're being completely literal. We actually gave each band member a thermometer to see who's temperature is closest to 98 degrees Fahrenheit.
C'mon, you didn't think we'd actually judge them by their looks, did you?
98 Degrees, Nick Lachey
And he proved he was hotter than older brother Nick, who came in just below his sizzling sibling at 96.1 degrees.
98 Degrees, Jeff Timmons
However, Timmons blew both Lachey brothers out of the running when he came in at 97.7 degrees, taking the lead as the hottest 98 Degrees member.
98 Degrees, Justin Jeffre
But don't you dare rule out Jeffre. Just when you think you've crowned your victor, Justin's thermometer read a whopping 98.3 degrees.

Justin Jeffres
Yep, we have a winner! Justin Jeffre is literally the hottest member of 98 Degrees.