Friday, January 2, 2015

Lachey's Bar: Nick and Drew put their money where their mouth is with investment in Cincinnati, OTR

Megan Fenno
Video by WCPO

CINCINNATI - The Lachey brothers are investing in their hometown in a big way.
The A&E Network is now wrapping up a ten-episode series about the sports bar opening under the working title “Lachey's Bar.”  The show is slated to premiere in 2015.
Nick and Drew Lachey are Cincinnati natives and former members of the boy band 98 Degrees. Both also have been in previous reality shows, so to began filming a new reality show was a no-brainer.
I got to check out the bar at the ribbon-cutting and special events earlier this month.
You may not need 9 reasons to check out Lachey's Bar, but here are my takeaways:
1. Located in the heart of OTR, the 18,000 square foot space was formerly part of the Art Academy of Cincinnati and prior to that, the Pabst Bedding Warehouse. The new bar gives a boost to the revitalization of OTR.
2. Bob Deck, co-founder of the hospitality group 4EG (which is partnering with the Lacheys) says this is a "win-win for everyone," and I have to agree. The Lachey Brothers have always wanted to open a bar and were willing to learn how to make drinks--not to mention the business aspects of owning a bar.
Nick and Drew Lachey make drinks for guests at their new bar in OTR.
3. Aside from their show biz successes, the brothers are friendly and hospitable.
Drew offered to make a mojito for me on their friends and family night, Saturday, Dec. 20. Not only was the drink delicious, but the hospitality these brothers share make for a great new local hangout.
The Lacheys opened their bar to the media on Friday, Dec. 19
4. The inside of the bar is warm an inviting. From the plush red barstools to the cozy nooks where you can sip your cocktail, there's a place for everyone. 
The ribbon-cutting for Lachey's Bar took place on Friday, Dec. 19
5. Lachey's Bar adds even more pride to Cincinnati. So far, the brothers have gotten an abundance of support from the city. Mayor John Cranley gave a heartfelt speech at the ribbon-cutting. Alongside him stood City Manager Harry Black, Councilwoman Amy Murray and Councilwoman Yvette Simpson.
6. The menu: This isn't your typical bar food. Chef Brian Duffy's offerings include bison burgers, meatball dishes, cubanos, perfectly seasoned pommes frites and salt-roasted tomatoes with thyme.
An interior shot of Lachey's Bar, set to open Jan. 1, 2015.
7. It's a kid-friendly establishment. While I wouldn't recommend bringing your child out later then their bedtime, this spot is appropriate for lunch or an early evening family hangout.
8. The bar gets Cincinnati even more positive press, and that's always a good thing for a city on the upswing. It just goes to show the pair are willing to put their money with their mouth is.
9. Because, it's the Lacheys. They love our city and we should show them love in return.
Megan Fenno (center) hangs out with Nick (left) and Drew Lachey at the bar in December. 

If you go:

  • Opens Jan. 1 at 11:00 a.m.
  • Address: 56 East 12 Street (near corner of Walnut Street), Cincinnati 
  • Phone: (513) 275-0740
  • Connect with Lachey's Bar on Facebook  and Twitter