Friday, November 18, 2011

Justin Jeffre at Occupy Cincinnati


Posted by The Dean of Cincinnati

Photo courtesy of here.

Justin Jeffre has been spending tons of his time with the Occupy Cincinnati protesters downtown, and I thought this picture from CityBeat was a good one to share with our readers.

This next one from this item at the Enquirer is pretty good, too:

Hopefully, we can start incorporating more writing out of the local Occupy movement here at The Beacon. But for those who have noticed that our updates have been a bit light recently—well, Justin’s been active on the streets (and sadly, I’m spending the bulk of my free time working on another graduate degree, which has sincerely cut into my blogging and activism…)

The good news is that people are active and doing stuff here in Cincinnati, and the Beacon is proud to celebrate our very own Justin Jeffre as a part of this movement!