Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Me & MTV: A Love Story In 11 Videos


During my tenure at MTV, the rivalries were highly charged: Britney or Christina? Korn or Kid Rock? And the most contentious of them all: Backstreet or ‘N Sync? To that last question, I will proudly answer 98 Degrees, because will you look at the t*ts on these dudes?

They played one of the New Year’s Eves when I was there, and I had to do a segment with them. My producer that night, Don Jamieson (now of That Metal Show!), knew I had a king-sized crush on Jeff Timmons, and when it came time to shoot, he made sure to place him right next to me. “It’s gonna be a tight frame here, Jeff, so I’m going to need you to push in closer to Dave. No. Closer. Closer.” God bless you, Don Jamieson.

And really, has anyone ever been more committed to the art of Pointing At The Camera And Then Slowly Moving Their Hands To Their Chest than 98 Degrees? The answer is no.