Saturday, February 19, 2011

“On A Emotional High”


Do you remember 98 Degrees? Well, you may remember songs such as “I Do (Cherish You),” “Thank God I Found You,” and of course their infamous duet with Mariah Carey, “Because of You.” After working the past four years, Jeff Timmons, former member of the hit making boy band, 98 Degrees, is back. With a new album and a new sound, this definitely defines him as a solo “hip-pop” artist.

SpotLight: Hey, how are you?

Jeff Timmons: I’m good. I’m on my way to LA and traffic is not too bad, so I’m good.

SpotLight: Okay, so how has life changed for you since the transition from 98 Degrees?

Jeff Timmons: Well, it’s been a complete change for me. I’m divorced, I have two kids and I have many responsibilities. Before I was able to do pretty much whatever I wanted to but when you have kids, you have to grow up. I still travel, but at times it is hard because I don’t like being away from my kids.

SpotLight: It is nice to hear that you care so much for your children because nowadays, so many kids are without their father.

Jeff Timmons: I love my kids.

SpotLight: What about musically, how has that changed for you?

Jeff Timmons: On the music tip, being a solo artist I am able to be creative, be myself and decide how I want to sound. I’m able to have my own sound and that’s what I want. Obviously, there are some ups and downs to being an independent solo artist, but I am happy.

SpotLight: Do you ever speak with the guys?

Jeff Timmons: Yes, it’s been a while but yeah. We’re still close, and although we dont speak as much, we all support each other.

SpotLight: Okay, so everyone wants to know, is there a reunion in the future for 98 Degrees?

Jeff Timmons: Not in the near future, no. Everyone is doing their own thing right now, but maybe it will happen when we get bored.

SpotLight: Now, what made you decide to release your album for free?

Jeff Timmons: Everyone asks me that question. I mean, I didn’t have a big studio, didn’t have a big promo and it’s been 8 or 9 years since the fans have heard anything from 98 Degrees. So by me coming out as a solo artist, I couldn’t expect for the fans to go out and buy the album and not know what my sound was like. Giving my album away for free was the best thing I could do and hopefully the fans will accept it.

SpotLight: What can fans expect from the album? Will it sound like a 98 Degrees album?

Jeff Timmons: I’m a BIG fan of hip hop, from the beats down to the club hits. I like to see people moving and enjoying my music so you can expect a lot of that, a hip-pop sound.

SpotLight: Hip-pop?

Jeff Timmons: Yes, hip-pop.

SpotLight: Tell me about your distribution company iamMedia.

Jeff Timmons: Distribution is a big problem right now so I had the idea to take cd’s and put them back in the stores. It’s all about creating awareness so if you go into your local coffee shop, Starbucks or anywhere like that, iamMedia gives you the opportunity to have a better product, affordable and more for your dollar.

SpotLight: Interesting. So, whats going on for Jeff in 2010?

Jeff Timmons: Hopefully reach 1 million downloads of my album, spread awareness about my distribution company, finish putting a tour together and keep doing music.

SpotLight: Before you go, you have been in this industry for quite some time now, so what is the most important thing you have learner?

Jeff Timmons: The most important thing I have learned is to always have faith and believe in yourself no matter what. Surround yourself with people you can trust because even the people who you are closest to have trouble with integrity.