Friday, May 7, 2010

I have a PT job. It's called stalking local Celebs

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Please have this video playing in the background while you read this post. I pinky promise it will make the entire experience much more enjoyable. I'll wait while you turn up your volume.

Monday was a stressful day at work. I had a billion and a half things to get done, PLUS I had a giant final exam later that night to worry about. Around 3:30p my co-worker runs in my office and whispers "Nick Lachey is filming a commercial on the square - come with me." Without a second of hesitation, I grabbed my phone [the only camera I had on me] and we left. Mayhaps I should give a little background for all you blog friends from around the country...

I work in downtown Cincinnati. Nick Lachey is from Cincinnati. He went to HS at a creative and performing arts school in the city. Which I can see from my office window. The same school where "Taking the Stage" on MTV is filmed [and I believe he is a producer for the show?]. He also does commercials for a local telephone company which are always filmed in Cincinnati. He also rocks Cincinnati Reds hats, even when he's in L.A. And he was in 98 Degrees. I was never a fan, but wev. I am a fan at looking at his face. And biceps.

Rumor on the street was that Nick was at the KY Derby on Saturday and was visiting his fam in Cincy in the days following. And how convenient that he would be filming a commercial a few blocks away from my office?! So after shitting my pants 12 times, I was thinking to myself that this could be my chance to meet him in the flesh and smell him. I have this weird thing with smelling people or imagining what they would smell like, up close and personal. Based on all information that is currently available, I can confidently predict that Nick Lachey would smell like heaven.

My co-worker and I sat around for 30 minutes and didn't see him; just crew with cameras, but no Nick. I was starting to get antsy in my pantsy and was going to start heading back to the office, but then the heavens parted and out stepped a Roman god with a chiseled jaw line and a perfectly tailored suit. And all I could say was, "" My co-worker just stood there and whined like a bebe bc she overheated from all his hotness. I told her to unbutton her cardigan a lil bit and maybe we could land a spot as extras in the commercial. Didn't work.

Big dude on Nick's left is his bodyguard. Tight.

He looks fake when you see him in person. No one is supposed to look that good.


iloveyou. iliketheredstoo.

And then Nicky posed with me for a pic. He just didn't realize which camera was taking the pic. Silly gooseheadboy. And no one told me to suck in my fat face. Oops!

Do these photos count as top secret mission photos? Yes? Okay! So that's the story of stalking Nick Lachey. He's a Cincinnati dreamboat.